Make Your Business Thrive
in the Digital Age.

Seamlessly Forging Data & Creativity. Applying the Latest Digital Strategies.
Pushing Your Brand Into New Frontiers.

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Digital Has Changed The Way Businesses Interact
With Their Customers... Forever.
Future-Proof Your Business.

The world has realized the importance of going digital. With the changes in consumer behavior
and needs, failing to switch to a digital platform mean missing out on valuable business and opportunities.

Ride the wave, beat your competition and transform your business through results-driven digital strategies now.

Here's How We Get Down
To Business

Set the Groundwork

Let’s build a strong foundation for your business by creating
a knockout vision that will guide your business and bring it soaring to the top.

We’ll put together a digital strategy and roadmap with our
winning formula– a potent combination of creatives + strategy +
insights + data to produce remarkable results at every level.

Show Up Everywhere

The key to a successful business lies
in a strong online presence.

We’ll create a modern website that’s built for conversions,
filled with relevant content to serve as your home online.

To double the ante, we’ll curate your social media content to
effectively tell your brand story and mirror our digital strategy.

Get Traffic While You Sleep

We’ll keep ringing in interest and leads by driving up your
website’s traffic through a winning combination of paid and
organic traffic funneled in from your various digital platforms.

Finish Strong With a
Well-Oiled Conversion
Generating Machine

Spend smarter, not more.

We’ll find out who your ideal customers are, how to laser target them,
and launch compelling ads that resonate with them to ultimately generate
interest, leads, and conversions.

Our Story

Serious Play is a multi-disciplinary digital marketing agency that lies in the intersection of data and creatives. This unique formula brings forth a breath of fresh air that's guaranteed to deliver maximum impact and tremendous growth.

At the helm is Hannah Chua, a Digital Marketing Strategist with over 13 years of experience in the industry. Hannah has always had an insatiable curiosity and an entrepreneurial mindset which helps her understand businesses, clients' goals and how to catapult them to the next level.

Having worked with dozens of businesses, both international and local alike, she understands what it takes to make your business thrive.

Armed with the best and latest international industry standards and insights, she focuses on leading her team to grow businesses by pushing the creative barriers of digital marketing.